Announcing Westside.life Online LifeGroups though Zoom video conferencing.


Each group has room for 10-15 registrants. 
Each person needs to register as an individual, or each couple can register together under one name, (both using one video feed).– Each registration must click “Register Here” below and join the desired group.
After joining the scheduled meeting, you will be notified by email or phone text when the group starts.
We will gather together in that online format to fellowship and pray together, and discuss our chronological reading passages together.
We encourage you to stay connected in meaningful ways as we continue our Covid-19 quarantine.

English Life Groups

Hosts: Bill & Anna South

Thursdays @ 7PM

Hosts: Rick & Karen Handloser

Thursdays @ 7PM

Leader: Sammy & Kim Sandino

Fridays @ 7PM

Hosts: Bruce & Cynthia Cihonski

Fridays @ 7PM